I'm starting to crank it up, I must say. It's getting easier somehow, even though in places I'm saying stuff like and then they all talked it over and decided what to do and then they did it. A new character leaped into the fray and now we're racing to the end. I actually may … Continue reading 45,000!


This is a slog. I just wrote a thousand-word information dump, which is of course toward the end of the novel and should be artfully interwoven into a riveting narrative much earlier. Whatever. The words are there. And I actually think I need to have a bit more of this historical sweep before I move … Continue reading 40000!


Broke the 20,000 mark last night. I'm a bit behind and will have to hustle to reach the mid-point (25,000) by tomorrow. Possibly do-able.I finally got them into some action again and that goes a lot faster. This is actually easier than it may sound. The whole trick is sitting down. Once I start to … Continue reading 20,000!

Word 5190

It's getting more painful the longer I push. I've written 60 words this morning. I've also done the dishes, paid my bills online, checked all my e-mails, washed the dog's dishes, am gazing longing out the window at the leaf blower (the county starts its first annual leaf-sucking rounds in our neighborhood tomorrow). I'm looking … Continue reading Word 5190