Here’s How It Will Go Down UPDATE

I wrote this in July. And already, the catastrophe is playing out. Our democracy, this precious freedom we’ve enjoyed and defended for 240 years, is in danger. 


If Trump is elected, here is how I think it would go down.

He wins by a small margin, maybe 46-44, less than a majority because of the Libertarian and Green vote swelled by BernieForever-ites.

UPDATE: He actually loses the popular vote by a small majority, but wins the electoral college. If the third/fourth party candidates had not been on the ticket Hillary would have won.

He and his family redecorate the White House.

UPDATE: Melania was there yesterday, doubtless thinking how old-fashioned and dowdy the White House is. More gold, must have new desk in Oval Office, that six-foot portrait of Trump paid for by his foundation would look good in here.

With his slim mandate and the support of his Supreme Court nominees, the process of disenfranchisement of minorities accelerates. Gerrymandering accelerates. Anti-immigrant laws are stiffened. Deportations accelerate.

UPDATE: Before he even takes office, right-wing violence has spiked. Shaun King has a running tally on his twitter account.

The social safety nets are dismantled or turned over to Wall Street, where the oligarchs derive the ultimate benefits. The process of privatizing public education accelerates, so that the wealthy skim even more revenue away from public institutions in favor of elite “public” schools in wealthy enclaves. The poor languish in starving schools.

The disenfranchisement of anyone not of European stock continues.

The concentration of wealth accelerates.

This is met by protests, which are ruthlessly suppressed by increasingly militarized local police forces. This prompts ever more desperate protests until “reluctantly” the administration imposes martial law.

UPDATE: This has begun even before the dust settles. On Thursday, just two days after the election, police call protests riots and step up suppression.

Meanwhile, the United States withdraws from NATO and other multilateral treaties. The joint chiefs of staff object and are replaced. The administration purges the military of dissenters.

Bingo! We are Russia. We are Turkey. Or any other bogus “democracy” that is in reality an oligarchy headed by an autocrat.

And we, the people, like the dismayed horse in the picture, wait for our masters to get on our backs and dig their spurs into our ribs.


However we can, we must carry the torch–through the law, through the way we operate our businesses, through unruly and uncomfortable art, through simply standing up to thugs and bullies in schools, playgrounds, shopping malls, coffee shops across America. 

We cannot let our country down.

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