Is This the End?

Is this the end of civil society, of progressive values, our dreams of a more inclusive, sustainable, just future?

This lady’s comments on a friend’s post last night seem to sum up what has been unleashed upon us, enabled by craven “establishment” Republicans.

I am sorry I am a Christian and I voted for him just like our family did. Yes I do not agree with everything he does but I will not let a lady become president that will kill innocent children. She is corrupt and needs Jesus. Wendy I love you and I want you to know that God is coming soon. This is God’s plan not ours. America needs to turn back to God and I am sorry what Hillary stood for will not turn us back to God. I have been quiet too long it is time for Christians to rise up and vote for the party that stands with the Bible. I pray that you will see that what your family believes in is TRUTH. American people are tired of lies, deceit and corruption. Trump is not prefect but he at least deserves the chance to help America. She has had her chance. Love ya!

I had two people to vote for. Democrat party who stands for abortion, homosexuality, destroying our constitution, open borders, free trade, depleting our military, and many more things. Republican Party stands for Christian values so I am sorry you are wrong. The end of story.

This blows my mind. How in God’s name can someone look or listen to Donald J. Trump billionaire and see anything but a crass, vulgar opportunist who’ll stick a shiv in anyone who gets in his way. Someone who doesn’t even know what the Constitution says, or care. That he is a man of God is laughable, delusional.

I laid it out before, how I think this could go down.

I stand by this prediction, unless Americans can, will, rise to the challenge of a far right demagogue in the White House, surrounded by advisers like Steve Bannon, supported by the Klan and other right-wing fringe groups.

I am afraid for my gay and lesbian friends, I am afraid for my black and Jewish friends, I am afraid for the environment and the protesters at Standing Rock. I am afraid for Aleppo, since Trump will align with Putin to finish it off. I am afraid for the downy woodpecker on my suet this morning, for the sea otters in California. I am afraid for all my friends, especially those who have already had enough grief this year to sink a ship. I am afraid for my own courage. I am afraid I will give up. I am afraid I will stop writing. I am afraid I won’t get out of bed.

This is like 911. This is how my mother must have felt when she had a nervous breakdown after we bombed Hiroshima, though that was more immediate terror. But I am afraid Trump will start or enable a nuclear war.

I am waiting for the grief to end, the fear to fade. I am waiting to get mad.

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