An evening with the neighbors

It was warm enough to sit on the porch tonight, even though it’s colder than yesterday. Had to go in and get a sweater at one point. Did the usual exhausting and challenging grooming of Cid, who has really awful undercoat this year and is itchy and red underneath. Sprayed him with cortisone stuff I got online from Drs. Foster and somebody, Cooper? Anyway, I should get a coupon for the product placement.

Then sat in my usual stupor, like my father and his father before him. Generations of porch sitters.

I was visited by my good friends, who all showed up this evening. Unafraid of me, or the 100 pound shepherd next to me, they came within a few feet for a bite to eat and a little chit-chat. Chickadees, a lonely bachelor Tufted Titmouse, the Mourning Dove family, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, the bully mockingbird, who I wish would find a mate. A few starlings and house sparrows stopped by but didn’t stay. A couple of grackles passed overhead and screeched a greeting, the rock dove clan waved as they went by. The Carolina wren was a bit preoccupied by the suet, one eye out for the mockingbird. The Robins stayed on the fringes. Mrs. Downey Woodpecker also gorged on the suet, one eye on me, the other on the mocker.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper didn’t stop in. They know they’re not exactly welcome for dinner, really, although I admire them immensely.  It was the first time I’d ever seen them together, in a big tree across the street and behind the houses. Apparently they have an interesting relationship.They sat there, ignoring each other, for a long time. And then Mrs. or maybe Mr., can’t be sure they look so much alike, flew off and down, maybe for a snack. Mr. or maybe Mrs. sat for a while longer then fluttered around and did this totally weird acrobatic maneuver, hanging upside down and flapping his (her?) wings like a butterfly. She (he?) looked absolutely enormous doing this, as big as an osprey. Was it the sunset light?  Anyway, finally he fell off the branch and down and then right over my head. Time for dinner before dark.

Did I get pictures? Fuck no, I didn’t even have my binoculars for most of it. I have now put my little Nikon snappy camera on the charger, but I’m thinking I’ve got to invest in better equipment if I’m going to get into this more seriously, which I have been flirting with this past year.

When I get the pictures, this post will be illustrated.

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