Reading Update

Reading Skippy Dies, my birthday present from Jeff. Amazing novel set in an Irish prep school. It’s like Catcher in the Rye or Oscar Wao or Prep –funny, deep and heart-breaking. Paul Murray reels off seemingly effortless swirls of perfect similes and metaphors. It’s also set in very small type and is 661 pages. So there’s also almost a 2666 quality to it, not only in the length and the painful beauty that makes it hard to read in big chunks. There’s also something of the same wigged-out supernatural quality to it. Only, what can I say, the supernatural purple blue flame referenced in the Times review linked above? Can you guess? Boys, prep school. Flaming farts, what else.

2011 List so far.

9. Lost Horizon, James Hilton
4-8. The Warrior Heir, The Wizard Heir, The Dragon Heir, The Demon King, The Exiled King Cinda Williams Chima
3. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, Jacqueline Kelly
2. Armadale, Wilkie Collins
1. The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic, Jennifer Trafton

5-6 The Woman in White, The Moonstone, Wilkie Collins
1-4 The Nine Tailors, Gaudy Night, Busman’s Honeymoon, Lord Peter, Dorothy L Sayers

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