I Don’t See Him with a Dog

I watched all of the pre-game show tonight leading up to the Eagles/Giants game. Bob Costas had an interview with Michael Vick about how his 18 months in Leavenworth Prison changed him. For the record, I loved MV when he was at Virginia Tech, I loved him when he was with the Falcons. A bit of a crush, to be honest. And then the dog fighting bust.

I actually am ready now to forgive him, under certain conditions. I could understand and believe him tonight when he told Bob Costas that he had learned patience in prison. I could believe him when he said he realized he’d cheated the Falcons, that he’d given 100 percent on the field, but not the other six and three-quarters days of the week. I could believe that he was sorry he’d broken the law, and accepted that he’d had to pay the price. I could believe that he’d actually gained maturity and strength from the experience.

What he didn’t say, what no one asked, and what there were no pictures of, is whether he realized what he’d really done wrong. Whether it had really come home to him that he’d tortured dogs, that dogs are fundamentally innocent, and that he’d aided and abetted an act of diabolical cruelty. He did community service with the Humane Society, but tonight they showed a quick shot of Vick with some kids. Not a dog in sight.

Until I see Michael Vick with a dog in his arms and tears in his eyes, and he says he’s sorry for what he did, can’t believe he did what he did, I can’t forgive him. I can’t forget.

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