The Death of Nano

Well, I am not going to “win” Nano this year. I am at 37,611 and that is where I take my stand. That’s a lot of words, and I have made tremendous progress on two separate projects, but STILL have not finished either one. One is a revision and I completely rewrote the last seven chapters during Nano and am at the last, the bitter end, where everything is revealed and all the threads wrapped up and I’m still staring at it going, OK, where are the character arcs, how should I reveal who is the king, should I kill Zaza?

Stuck, staring, daydreaming, I can’t even make a decent list or outline, because it’s not coming to me at all. I will now take all I have written (rewritten) back into the original document, catch up with the feedback I got from my crit partners in October, and see if I can creep up on the ending and surprise it before it has a chance to destroy me with its basilisk stare.

In the other one, I am even less forwarder. But I have 20,000 words where before there was naught. And not only that, I like them. I have a bit of an outline to take me into the second half of the middle, although I suspect the ending with wrap me in its deathly coils before I know it.

I am very satisfied with what Nano did for me this year. I did not write for the sake of word count. I like what I’ve got now and I wouldn’t be this far along with either project without the peer pressure and delights of widget updating.

And in the meanwhile I did not miss any work writing deadlines, made some money, had a fantastic Thanksgiving with the returning prodigal son. We went to see This Is It, and stayed up until 1 a.m. looking at and singing along to MJ videos and then Marvin Gaye, Percy Sledge and countless other classic R&B artists. When did we become such good friends? It’s utterly fabulous. I never even knew that his three girl friends from high school (who are still his BFFs) were huge Michael Jackson fans, though I was aware that he and they did the Thriller dance for a powder puff cheerleader thing senior year.

What is winning Nano to that? I ask you.

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