Great New Books

Two of my dear friends have books coming out this month: Kate Marsh and Lynne Berry.

Kate’s newest, The Twilight Prisoner, launches April 7. It’s a sequel to The Night Tourist, which was a modern retelling of Orpheus and Euridyce, set in the ghostly underworld beneath Manhattan. Twilight Prisoner takes the story of Jack Perdu, a classics prodigy, and Euri, his ghostly best friend, a step forward, woven around the myth of Persephone and Eros. Publisher’s Weekly gives The Twilight Prisoner a starred review and Kirkus raves, “The plot is lavishly draped with snappy dialogue, realistic teen characters and didn’t-see-it-coming twists. An outstanding story with wide appeal.”

Lynne’s Duck Tents is the third in her series of picture books illustrated by Hiroe Nakata. This time the darling ducks go camping. “In a small backyard, by a squat stone fence, five little ducks pitch five duck tents.” You’ve got to love it.

4 thoughts on “Great New Books

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  2. Well, I don’t know what anonymous said, but I cannot wait to look at this book. I want to write and illustrate a children’s book …lofty goals… I know! So, how do I start on this journey? What do I do? I started a book (currently in a sketchbook) in the 90’s and then put it away.


  3. You would do a kick-ass picture book. The writing is extremely hard. It has to be so many things–darling, easy to read, concise, enchanting–in so few words that it’s like cutting a diamond. You could also send your portfolio to some publishing company art directors if you think you’d like to try to illustrate someone else’s text. It’s amazing but in most cases the writer and the illustrator have no contact at all. It’s what makes editors love picture books. They become their own works of art.


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