The Eagle Has Landed

I have finally moved into the new phase of my life, which has been in process for a year and seven months. Everything is now in our new house in ultra-hip East Nashville. A mountain of boxes is in the back yard, with more inside awaiting unpacking, which may take years. We’ve ordered 24 bamboo plants to screen our windows from our next door neighbors. We got wicker chairs for the front porch. We found the dog park.

After a week and two days, I finally am back connected with the outside world–Internet, cable TV, and a land-line phone. I started working at my new gig for BNA. But I haven’t started writing yet. I agreed with my writing partner Kate that it was totally useless until after the election. She said everyone in DC is “mad with anxiety.” I’d say that sums up my emotions.

Leaving DC was really wrenching. I only made it a little past Roanoke on Friday night. First it took an hour to get to the Beltway from Crystal City. Another hour to get to Front Royal. Then about dark it started pouring rain. At Wytheville, what with rain, traffic, and Cid jumping back and forth from the back to the passenger seat, I figured I’d best call it quits for the night.

Then on Saturday, I suddenly looked around in SW VA or NE TN and realized my little Matrix with the Obama sticker was surrounded by Ford F250 pickups with confederate flags and gun racks, literally. I had a nasty Easy Rider moment. However, my friend Ginny sent me this: I saw a photo of some house down South. Confederate flag flying on a pole, right beneath Old Glory. And an OBAMA sign in the front yard. Could this election be the end of the Southern Strategy?

So here I am, passed through the bardo, through the door at the other end of the hallway. I love my house, named Agnes. The dogs are sleeping off the nightmare. I can watch the Redskins on MNF tonight. I can do errands in half an hour that would have taken me two days in Maryland. I am back with my person.

If Obama wins tomorrow, all will be right with the world. And I believe he will.

3 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed

  1. Happy new home and good luck! Two of my friends have moved to the Nashville area in the past year or so, and both of them love it. They’re also Obama supporters. 🙂


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