Twitchy v. Cool

So I am an INFP on the Myers-Briggs personality scale. I absorb and process information intuitively and am always trying to resolve conflicts between people, except for the times when I blow up and create conflicts (that’s another story). But I have a really hard time watching political debates because they are confrontational and it makes me very uncomfortable. Also because I am always afraid of something dreadful happening with the person I support. I made it through an hour and fifteen minutes of the debate last night and then couldn’t stand it anymore, not from disgust, but just the stress.

But while I wished Obama could have blasted it out of the park, connect big time, definitively win the debate, he remained his cool, calm, relaxed and thoughtful self. He’s just not going to go there with the from-the-gut emotion, a la Bill.

But the reason I had to turn it off was McCain. Now there’s an angry, twitchy man. He grimaced, bobbed on his feet, gritted his teeth, turned his back on Obama, refused to look at him, jerked his arms. Then when he got the most pissed off, he lowered his voice to a menacing whine and droned on and on and on. I went into the kitchen at one point and listened to him without seeing him and it was literally scary to hear the tone of his voice. It’s all on one emotional note–jaw-clenched anger.

This fury and impatience has no place in the White House. He’s shown himself over and over these past few months as prone to sudden, irrational decision-making (ahem-Palin-ahem). Flying in and roiling up the financial bailout is another example. If he hates, say, Putin, as much as he hates Obama, will he treat him the same way?

Give me the guy who’s comfortable in his own skin. Who’s thoughtful, who doesn’t get mad, stay mad. I don’t want anyone in that house who’s going to make things more dangerous than they are already.

And here’s a nice analysis of the post-debate polls v. the pundit-nation’s general assessment that it was a draw or a McCain win.

3 thoughts on “Twitchy v. Cool

  1. I agree, McCain did seem quite frozen. He wouldn’t even look at Obama when he was speaking to him. A couple of commentators did mention that on PBS. And McCain’s soundbyte seemed to be, “What Senator Obama doesn’t seem to UNDERSTAND . . .” pointing to BO’s “lack of experience.”Obama, on the other hand, came off with class and sounding more informed. I do wish he would inject more emotion into his debating — offer some personal anecdotes like McCain did. This would bring him closer to his voters who really want to connect with him.It was a first debate, though. Looking forward to how the next one goes.Thanks for the thoughtful post!


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