Rev. Wright is Right

This (though a mite too long) totally sums up my feelings about the Rev. Wright flap. I was going to blog about it myself.

I’ve been scratching my head
over the past week, going, “Well, gee, the United States IS run by rich white men.” Humm, OK, check. “The foreign policy of
the United States DID lead to the hatred in the Middle East that led to 9/11.” Humm, check. “Nobody ever DID call Hillary a
n****r.” Hum, check, that’s certainly true.

And I in fact enjoy full-throated invective against the “system”
in this country that has systematically repressed women, minorities and the poor. I have no doubt that therefore I would enjoy some
of Rev. Wright’s sermons and because I love gospel music and dancing in church I suspect I’d enjoy the entire service.

I guess all this makes me an angry, short, white, middle-aged woman who supports Obama and has since
before Iowa. Very dangerous indeed.

2 thoughts on “Rev. Wright is Right

  1. Yikes. So much that I disagree with here that I fear to test our friendship by discussing it. I’ll say only that I don’t assume Obama agrees with everything his friends say any more than I do. 😉


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