It Is Imperative …

That we nominate (and then elect) Barack Obama. After last night’s debate, I am even more convinced of this than I was before. Hillary is smart, focused, competent and utterly locked in process. This is her fatal flaw. Last night she used the phrase, “It is imperative,” eight times (cool transcript analyzer tool on the NYTimes Web site) although it seemed like she said it over and over like a parrot. And I recalled a conference of payroll managers that I covered a year or so ago when one of the speakers, a woman, said over and over again, “It is imperative.” That’s Hillary to the bone. An Omega girl, the one who takes care of everything, runs every committee, bosses everyone around, knows everything, and you may like her, even love her when she’s not being annoying, but ultimately I’ve never liked being controlled and managed, even for my own good, much less when I don’t even agree with the management’s direction.

Obama can see the forest. He’s the visionary thinker, the transcendent politician, the way forward, the way out for us, out of this maze of horrible things the Bush administration has dumped us into. Some of my friends, and some pundits, even The New York Times, say Obama will be “eaten alive” by the Washington establishment and that Hillary deserves to be president because of her pragmatism and “powerful intellect.”
I can sense their fear of change and understand their belief that Hillary can handle that meat-grinding machine in D.C. But she’s part of that grinding, complacent, cut-throat, cynical, condescending establishment. Obama isn’t. He’s a breath of fresh air. So what if he runs up against opposition, entrenched special interests? What? We should choose the very thing that’s wrong with our political system?

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