I’m starting to crank it up, I must say. It’s getting easier somehow, even though in places I’m saying stuff like and then they all talked it over and decided what to do and then they did it. A new character leaped into the fray and now we’re racing to the end. I actually may not finish the story before I reach 50K. Man, it feels good to be writing so quickly and happily again.

4 thoughts on “45,000!

  1. Tee-hee! Thought you’d get the reference–though I wasn’t altogether sure how it translated in writing… (-:I see you’re at 49,195 now–just 805 words today and you’ve done it! Hurrah!


  2. I realized it should have been “Copy, Gold Leader.”Yep, I think I will finish before the end of the day. amazing. Of course I’ve dithered into writing stuff like, :are not, :are too. And writing dialogue for a sci fi novel with lines like, “Shut up, dipshit.” But whatever. I am now wrapping up in a last chapter/epiloque.


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