This is a slog. I just wrote a thousand-word information dump, which is of course toward the end of the novel and should be artfully interwoven into a riveting narrative much earlier. Whatever. The words are there. And I actually think I need to have a bit more of this historical sweep before I move on, so I know what the hell I’m talking about. But at this point, I think I may be able to do 2000 words a day and make it to the finish line. Interesting. I’m tired though. Very tired of this awful novel. I wonder if it has any redeeming value at all. But it’s so close to being done that I will finish it. And this is as bad a blog post as Interminable is a novel.

2 thoughts on “40000!

  1. I put a bunch of stuff in in chunks that will have to be woven in in appropriate places later. That’s what revising is for. For now, it’s just about words, not looking back and definitely not judging.


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