I keep plugging away. I am already only 1000 words short of where I ended last year. I am glad Nano had Neil Gaiman’s pep talk yesterday or whenever it was. About hating your novel. I pretty much hate it right now. But as he advised, you just keeping adding words. I will keep adding words. And right now the end seems WAY too close. I wonder if I can add another 20,000 crappy words to this crappy novel.

4 thoughts on “30,000!

  1. Congrats on breaking 30k!I hate my story right now too. The plot feels so thin, so obvious and cliched. But I’m still trying to plug the holes. I’m also reminding myself that I hated the Amber book so much when I finished NaNo that year that I considered never looking at it again, and I ended up happy with that (9 drafts later), so maybe there is hope.


  2. Well, that does make me feel better. I hate it so much I’m going to try the peripheral vision thing again and write two little short introductory chapters for Animist and then the Poppy-yanks- the-veil-off-Araminta’s-incest-secret scene and cheat, cheat, cheat, by counting those in my word count. After I do that maybe I’ll feel like returning to Interminable, which is rapidly turning into a dog story more than anything else. An indictment of averse conditioning. Whatever.


  3. Once introduced, dogs CAN rapidly take over. A story. Or one’s life. The more time I spend with dogs, the less inclined I am to mess with people, certainly.


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