Last night I sprinted and wrote 3,752 words to reach the magical, mythical midway point. The last scene I wrote I like. It was scary in the Alfred Hitchcock “suspense is waiting” sense.
And the very strange think is that focusing so hard on Interminable somehow unblocked a bit of my brain and this morning I woke up with a much clearer sense of where I need to go with this (hopefully) last edit of my novel Reply All. It’s like peripheral vision. At night, I can see my black dog Lucky in the dark backyard only when I don’t look directly at him. We used to use this at camp, too. If we were sneaking down the hill at midnight to “pull capers” in camp parlance, we’d look away down the hill so we could see if the counselors were standing by their cabin in the shadows waiting to catch us.

3 thoughts on “25,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hurrah for 25k!My peripheral vision used to be good (when I was teaching, for example) but now it sucks. Wonder what that says about my writing. I’ve *never* been able to keep more than one story in my mind. When I finish a book, I need 2-3 months away from it before I can care about new characters.


  2. 25K! Yay! Nice work, carry on!I’ve seen ads on TV, I think, for video-game type thingies that exercise your peripheral vision. I think.


  3. My friend Susan would attribute this to my Gemini rising but I always have to be working on at least two things at a time or I start to fret at the commitment.I also tend to buy two cartons of milk, two boxes of cereal, etc., at the grocery.The peripheral vision thing sounds like fun. I am addicted to simple stupid computer games. I don’t dare even try WOW, teacake. I’d never come back.


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