10,000+ and counting

Well, my YA fantasy novel that I’ve dubbed Interminable is coming along nicely. I broke the critical 10,000 mark last night. Right on schedule, no more, but (hoo-ah) no less.

And I sneaked out a scene last night that actually made me cry. Dogs, of course.

I kind of like Interminable, but it’s typical of my stuff. It doesn’t perfectly fit in any real category and thus as usual will probably be totally unpublishable. But at least it’s only in one character’s POV and is chronological. And has a plot, albeit a bit meandering at this point, and lots of action. Mass executions. Dire beasts, etc.

This next 10,000 words will probably be hell, especially because right now I intend to slow down the pace a little and build in a bit of history and community formation. Give my heroine a little rest, although the anxiety and danger doesn’t really abate. It’s a breather. But may make me have to push a little harder to keep up the word count.

Here’s a definition of interminable that I find quite apt,
endless: tiresomely long; seemingly without end

Can’t wait for Vol. II Incomprehensible, and III Inconceivable

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