Last gasps

I am finishing up the sixth draft of my new novel, Reply All. It’s hard, hard going. I am sending it to new brand-new readers, but at the same time not giving my three beloved crit partners any break. I’m at the point where sometimes I read it and I think, “Wow, this is so good. How could I have written it,” and then half an hour later, I read it again, and think, “God, does this suck.” I am pretty pleased with the first 50 pages, I have to say.
And now what I am doing a lot of is catching those bits that come out of the ether while I’m driving, or cooking, or sitting in the backyard watching the dogs romp. Grabbing them and putting them where they belong. These are the best bits, the true ones, the ones that aren’t darlings to slay, but actually right and proper. Those doomed darlings are always the ones I write in cold blood rather than hear while I’m not trying. Everyone I manage to wrestle out of the air and onto the page makes it a better novel.
And I have worked harder and longer (again with lots of help from writing partners) on the query than I have ever before worked on one, even sending it through the Agent X hook contest. I am truly hoping this–my eighth completed novel–will be the one to break through and be first agented (if I get a new agent, it will be my third) and then published.
As you all know, this writing life is long and hard, and frustrating, and discouraging. But it’s also intoxicating on rare occasions. But whether I’m high or low, I have to write. Can’t not. It saves my soul.
So wish me luck. And I wish every writer reading this boatloads of luck as well. We need it. But it better find us working.

One thought on “Last gasps

  1. Well I wish you luck. 🙂I didn’t realize it was up to three agents for you. It really is a long hard road. But of course one counts on Anne’s bend in the road, and that is sustaining.Jen (new google account, the old one had technical, by which I mean human, problems)


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