Seven Questions for Book Seven

7 Questions of Harry Potter campaign – Beginning on April 17 2007, Scholastic will release one question every two weeks. These are the big questions fans debate at great length online, at book clubs and in everyday conversations, and that they hope J.K. Rowling will answer in this final installment. The questions will be posted on and released through advertising and publicity outlets. The final question will be released on July 7th.”

OK, here are my picks for the seven most important questions:

1. Does Harry survive the encounter with Voldemort. Yes, and Voldemort is destroyed.
2. What are the last Horcruxes? Here’s my list, seven divisions of Voldemort’s soul: 1. the diary gone, 2. the ring gone, 3. Slytherin’s locket, missing 4. Hufflepuff’s cup, 5. something Gryffindor, 6. Harry’s scar, 7. the last piece is still in Voldemort. Or 5 and 6 here could be combined if Harry is a descendant of Gryffindor. This theory could mean that Voldemort may think he has one more Horcrux than he actually does, that is, one he thinks is a Horcrux is actually a dud.
3. What’s the last line. “Harry’s forehead felt strange without the scar.”
4. Who’s going to die in Book 7. Rubeus Hagrid for one per the alchemical black, white, red theory. Plus Ron or Ginny. Everyone? I predict a general blood bath. U.S. Editor Arthur Levine says he “sobbed and sobbed.” Not a good sign.
5. Is Snape good or evil? Where do his loyalties lie? He’s good. He was once a death eater, but I believe he was in love with Lily and her death turned him forever away from Voldemort. I think the reason Voldemort was willing to let Lily live is because Snape asked him to spare her. Snape is now a double agent and that’s why he was so stung when Harry called him a coward at the end of HBP, because of course if he is a double agent what he is doing is very brave. However, I think he was present when Neville’s father and mother were tortured into insanity. That’s why Neville’s greatest fear is Professor Snape. Snape also probably performed a memory erasing charm on Neville that needs to be regularly reinforced and/or he got a backlash from the spell that destroyed his parents. That’s why Neville is introduced to us as forgetful and timid. And explains his lack of magical talent for so long. He’s been tampered with.
6. How did Lily and James amass their fortune? This is one I can’t even guess. They defied him three times but other than that I have no clue what they did, who their families were. I suspect one side of the family is descended from Godric Gryffindor. Probably Lily’s, because even though her parents were Muggles, it doesn’t mean there was no wizarding blood mixed in somewhere. And a truly curious thing is that when Harry looks in the Mirror of Erised in SS, he sees a lot of POTTERS with his own green eyes. I need to check that. It’s too peculiar. Checked and he sees “the Potters.” Some with green eyes. Could just be a mistake. I always thought it was both families, grandparents, etc., from both Lily and James’s families. And I still think that Harry’s lineage is going to play a big role. COS was largely about who the heir of Slytherin was and Harry’s fear that he was the heir and should have been placed in Slytherin. There’s all the speculation that because Harry can speak Parseltongue that means he’s related to Salazar Slytherin. Dumbledore disabuses us of that notion, but he also says, “only a true Gryffindor could have wielded that sword,” which was Gryffindor’s. I think GG must have had Lily’s green eyes. Lily’s talent was potions. And I think Snape’s notes in his potions book copied some of Lily’s innovations. But could that have been her work for the Order, and the source of their fortune? Or was James’s family wealthy? Two clues I think have gone unnoticed in the discussion. Black’s comment that everyone in the wizarding world is related. And the genealogical chart/tapestry at Grimmauld Place. Something’s there that explains something important.
7. Did Voldemort go to Godric’s Hollow alone the night he tried to kill Harry? If so, how do people know the events of that night? Dumbledore ends up with the invisibility cloak, which JK says is significant, so I say D. was there and may have somehow deflected the AK curse. This would explain the ‘gleam of triumph’ in Dumbledore’s eyes at the end of Goblet of Fire. There is something more than just the fact that his mother died saving him that protected Harry from the AK curse, perhaps a counterspell from Dumbledore, who was hidden under the invisibility cloak. Perhaps that counterspell using the energy of James and Lily’s deaths put that scar/Horcrux on Harry’s forehead, saving Harry’s life, since the piece of V’s soul that Harry carries would make the curse rebound. And give him the link to Voldemort and the ability to speak Parseltongue.
Here are some other questions from the Loose Ends list on MuggleNet and some of my guesses.
HOGWARTS: Will Hogwarts open up again? Yes. If Hogwarts is opened again in the seventh book, who will be Head Boy and Head Girl? Ron (it’s what he saw in the Mirror of Erised) and Hermione. And if so, will Harry, Ron, and Hermione attend for their seventh year? Not Harry. Who will be the DADA teacher? Who will teach Transfiguration if Professor McGonagall becomes headmistress? And will Slughorn remain to teach potions for a second year although he said he would only be there for one? Don’t know. Will Ron and Harry pass their Apparation tests? Harry will just start apparating without the credential. Who will reinstate the protective barriers around Hogwarts that Dumbledore took down so he and Harry could fly to the tower? Not just anybody could have taken them down or Hogwarts would be constantly attacked; is Dumbledore the only one who can perform those charms? Don’t know. Assuming Hogwarts stays open, will the curse that Voldemort presumably placed on the DADA position ever be lifted? Moot / last book
PETUNIA: If Dumbledore and Petunia were in contact before Harry was taken to Privet Drive, then what were they discussing in their letters? There’s much more to Petunia than meets the eye. What exactly I’m eagerly waiting to learn. JKR said that someone will manage magic very late in life in Book 7 – who is it going to be? Filch, perhaps? Petunia? When Dumbledore is explaining to the Dursleys that the magic protecting Harry will cease to operate on his 17th birthday, each of the Dursley’s reactions are given, and it says that Aunt Petunia “was oddly flushed.” What is the significance of that? Does she know something more? She must. Who was “that awful boy” who Petunia referred to in OOTP? Was it James, or was it somebody else? James of course. Oh, wow, could it have been Snape? Did Dumbledore mean anything significant when he said that the Dursleys had “mistreated Dudley”? No, he just meant they’d turned him into a nasty, spoiled, fat boy and now young man. Unless it’s another hint that there’s magic running all through this family. What bad memory was Dudley forced to encounter when he was attacked by the dementors in Order of the Phoenix? No clue.
WEREWOLVES: Is Bill Weasley a full werewolf? No, but can he (and Lupin) be cured? In Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart says that he transformed a werewolf back into a man using the “immensely complex Homorphus Charm.” Now we know that Lockhart didn’t actually do this, but he did steal the story from another wizard. Who?? So, is there a way to cure Lupin? Yes, I wondered the same thing. Will Luna have a prominent role in Book 7? Will she live through the war? Oh, yes. She’ll have a role. Don’t know what though. The moon’s got a big role with all the werewolves. And all those crescent moon-shaped stains on JK’s web site.
LOVE: Is the relationship between Ginny and Harry really over? Hah! As if. Will they get back together in the end? If they are both alive. Will Ron and Hermione’s relationship finally come to be, or will something happen that prevents it? I’m afraid Ron’s going to die. Remember in POA, Harry and Ron get up together from a Christmas dinner with 13 at the table. Of course, Dumbledore was there and he died first, but still. Maybe not, it was a Trelawney prediction.
WANDS: If Voldemort lost his body at Godric’s Hollow, then who retrieved his wand? Snape? What happened to Dumbledore’s wand after his death?
SECRET-KEEPERS: How will Harry find his parents’ home in Godric’s Hollow? After all, Wormtail is the secret-keeper, and as far as we know the only way to find the home would be for Wormtail to tell Harry its location. Ah, maybe that’s the debt he pays. How did Dumbledore find it? Or Hagrid when he went to get baby Harry? Maybe the “secret” died with Lily and James and Godric’s Hollow’s location is no longer secret. Now that Dumbledore’s dead, who is the secret-keeper of the Order of the Phoenix? Good question.
FROM WHOSE BOURNE NO TRAVELER HAS RETURNED (except in a million works of myth and fiction): Are Dumbledore and Sirius actually dead? Update: JKR confirmed in New York that Dumbledore is in fact dead – but we still don’t know about Sirius! Yes, D. is really truly dead but what is the significance of Fawkes, his Patronus, being a Phoenix. And maybe Sirius is in the Deathly Hallows. Looks like that’s what’s on the U.S. cover. And it looks like Harry’s got the Slytherin Horcrux necklace that was stolen by R.A.B.
DUMBLY-DORE: Will Dumbledore’s portrait be of any use to Harry? Yes! I wondered that too. Or can D. be a ghost? Where did Fawkes go at the end of Half-Blood Prince? Where, oh where? The Deathly Hallows? If the Phoenix dies and rises from its ashes, can Dumbledore really truly die and yet rise from the dead? What did Dumbledore see or experience after he drank the potion in the cave in HBP? Shudddderrrr to think. What’s the deal with Dumbledore’s family? (JKR said in her interview with MuggleNet/TLC that Dumbledore’s family would be a “profitable line of inquiry”.) Will we learn any more about Dumbledore’s brother Aberforth? Will he have an important role to play in the book? Maybe Dumbledore’s descended from one of the founders. What did Dumbledore actually see in the Mirror of Erised in the first book? Not socks? Wow! What are the twelve uses of dragon’s blood that Dumbledore discovered? Will this be important to the story in any way? And what is the significance Dumbledore’s defeat of the dark wizard Grindlewald in 1949? And yeah, it’s significant. When Snape is about to kill Dumbledore, Dumbledore says, “Severus… Please…” Was Dumbledore asking Snape to kill him or was he asking for mercy? Asking him to kill him per a prearranged plan, perhaps the very thing they were discussing in the FF that Harry overheard. What was the potion that Dumbledore had to drink in the cave? Arconite was in it. See previous post. How did Dumbledore become such an “extraordinary magic user, even at a young age” (a quote from an OWL examiner in OOTP)? Was it just study and hard work, or is there something different about him? Maybe.
R.A.B. Who is R.A.B.? Regulus Black. Why did Regulus choose to leave the Death Eaters? Dunno. Who did R.A.B. get the locket from the cave with? (Dumbledore made it clear that two people were needed to get past Voldemort’s enchantments) And where is the locket now? What significance is the fact that Mundungus Fletcher has been stealing things from Grimmauld Place going to have to the plot of the next book? Did he take the locket from Grimmauld Place, and if so, who did he sell it to? Will Mundungus be playing an important part in the next book? All good questions.
• With Dumbledore dead (and Snape an apparent traitor), who will lead the Order? Lupin? Arthur Weasley? Tonks? Harry?
• Will the two-way mirror that Sirius gave to Harry come up again? Of course.
• What’s behind the locked door in the Department of Mysteries? What lies beyond the veil in the Department of Mysteries? The deathly hallows?
• What will Percy do now that the Ministry has been proven wrong and Dumbledore is dead? Will he go back to his family? Not. Maybe he’ll be the next minister of magic.
• How exactly did the Potters and the Longbottoms ‘thrice defy Voldemort’? How indeed?
• What happened to Ollivander? And since there was no sign of a struggle when he disappeared, who’s side is he on? And what about Florean Fortescue – are their disappearances linked?
• What went on in the period of time between baby Harry’s rescue from the ruins of Godric’s Hollow and being left the NEXT DAY at the Dursley’s doorstep?
• What were Dumbledore and Snape arguing about that Hagrid overheard at the edge of the forest in HBP? Was it about spying on Draco, or was it something else?
• What will become of Draco, Lucius, and Narcissa Malfoy? Specifically, will Draco stay loyal to Voldemort, or will he change his mind and fight for the other side? I think Draco, as well as Snape, will turn back to the light.
• Where did Snape and Draco go at the end of the sixth book?
• Are we going to see the Ford Anglia in the Forbidden Forest again?
• Will the giants and goblins take a firmer position about the war? Will they be neutral, support Voldemort, or oppose him? All will oppose.
• Are we going to see SPEW again? Will the house-elves’ rights be improved by the end of the series? And what will become of all of the house-elves that we know so far in the series? I think the house elves will have a critical role. It’s been established they have significant powers.
• What happened to Sirius’s motorbike while he was in Azkaban? And where is the motorbike now?
• In order to train the thestrals, did Hagrid have to be able to see them? If so, whose death did Hagrid witness?
• When Harry was taking Occlumency lessons from Snape in OOTP, he put more than one memory into the pensieve. What other memories did he want to hide from Harry? Lily’s death? His role in the Longbottoms’ deaths? His history as a Death Eater? His role as a double agent?
• Is there any significant reason that wizards come of age at age 17? Mathematically 17 is pretty cool. A prime that is the sum of the primes that precede it. And more.
• Do we know the full reason that Voldemort decided to try to kill Harry instead of Neville? Obviously not. Neville’s going to be pivotal in the last book.

6 thoughts on “Seven Questions for Book Seven

  1. <> Rubeus Hagrid for one per the alchemical black, white, red theory<>Red could also be one of the Weasley’s. It’s a stretch but could be. I think if Harry lives, Ginny will, and if Harry dies, Ginny will. Personally, questions I’d like answered – – Is Harry a horcrux? (I fear it’s him, not his scar, and he’s a goner, possibly with his friends having to kill him so he and Voldie can die simultaneously)– Why did Voldie bother telling Lily to get out of the way? (No idea but after “kill the spare” it’s certainly out of character and seems significant)– What will Regulus Black’s role be? (I think he’s alive and will help Harry)– What about Dumblie’s brother? (wildcard, no idea)– Will Neville live and go on to be a DADA teacher, the one who breaks the curse and makes it past a single year? (I hope so)– What’s the deal with Petunia, if anything? (I actually think there’s going to be nothing much to this)– What’s to become of Harry’s 2 way mirror and what will he use it for? (I think it’ll have to do with the remaining Marauders, possibly Wormtail)– Will Draco choose his own destiny or become a little replica of his father? (I think it would be cool if Draco rebelled a bit and did something good, showed a little redemption, especially since I’m in the Snape-Is-Evil camp)– Wouldn’t it be nice if she filled up some past plotholes somehow? Like explaining why, if Dumblie knew the contents of the prophecy, they didn’t just smash it instead of wasting all that time/energy trying to keep Voldie away from it. Or why Voldie didn’t just make Harry’s farging toothbrush the portkey instead of that whole elaborate goblet of fire scheme. It’d be nice if there were answers apart from “cause then the book would’ve been 10 pages long.”


  2. <>Red could also be one of the Weasley’s. It’s a stretch but could be. I think if Harry lives, Ginny will, and if Harry dies, Ginny will.<>Yep, I agree, <>Why did Voldie bother telling Lily to get out of the way?<> He’d promised Snape he wouldn’t kill Lily. <>What will Regulus Black’s role be? (I think he’s alive and will help Harry)<> Yep, I agree. Maybe he’ll be the new leader of the Order.I may have to revise these predictions as I keep reading. Almost finished PoA. Still my favorite.


  3. I agree POA is the best by far. The Marauders are a fascinating bunch. I know JKR says she’s done done done, but I wouldn’t have minded some prequels. Although I guess now, we’ll know how it ends for all of them, so not as fun to read about their youthful exploits maybe.


  4. I know you favor the lovely Narcissa as Snape main squeeze. We’ll know soon enough. If it’s anything like HBP EVERYONE will be wrong. WHo could have predicted Horcruxes?


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