Pyschosis, and murder and sex! Oh, my!

I got this e-mail from a little old lady with a quavery voice who bought a copy of Peace for her 14-year-old niece at a book-signing. I think I should use it as promotional copy. What self-respecting young-adult wouldn’t want to read it after this?

“I had no idea that when you said your book was about ‘bullying at a girls’ camp’ it would be about sociopathic psychosis, murder, suicide, major clinical depression, and unprotected teen sex. I’m glad I previewed it. No way would I give it to my niece. Life is rough enough. “

Based on this fabulous list of subject matter (right up there with Prinz Award Winner Looking for Alaska, here’s a reworking for back-cover copy by my friend Ginny:

“Life is rough enough. But it gets even rougher when a group of teenage girls run wild at a secluded summer camp in the Deep South. “HOT” doesn’t just describe the weather. Canoeing? Handicrafts? Sing-a-longs? Don’t go looking for any of that in Peace I Ask of Thee. Try murder, suicide and unprotected teen sex. Parents, don’t let your daughters get their hands on this one!”

Sounds yummy! She also has offered to write new back-cover copy for Mr. Touchdown. Says she will use the word “miscegenation, whether it’s relevant or not.”

Speaking of Looking for Alaska, I just read the School Library Journal’s review on Amazon. Here’s a line: “The language and sexual situations are aptly and realistically drawn, but sophisticated in nature. ” This is so mild. My little old lady would be horrified to know that graphic oral sex is merely “sophisticated.”

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