Lucky Balls

What is the world coming to? The Higher Power of Lucky, by Susan Patron, won the Newbery Award this year, the highest honor in the U.S. for children’s literature. But wait! In it appears a terrible word, a word no parent would want their girl child to read or hear or contemplate, the word – I don’t know if I can even write it, it’s so horrid and vile – but okay, here goes, the word is “scrotum.” A very ugly word, for a very ugly and vile part of the male anatomy, and boys in themselves are vile and ugly and dangerous, right?
Yes, that’s right. Librarians, especially school librarians are apparently in a swivet about the word and saying they won’t include the book in their collections. Oh, please. She should have just used the word “balls,” maybe. And God forbid that we all recognize that girls are curious about these anatomical peculiarities of the male, as well as everything else in the world. Heavens! Don’t give them any information. Just let ‘em guess.
The real problem, of course, is not the librarians. It’s these spittle-flecked parents who come raging into the schools at every opportunity over every little thing imaginable, from Susie’s seatmate to Sally’s D on the last math test. As the author said, banning a book just makes it more desirable to the target audience. (Hint to the father of a young lady who grabbed my upper YA novel by mistake). Over-reaction is a waste of time. Everyone’s way too stressed and psychotic. The word scrotum can’t hurt anyone. What do they say when the toddler asks what those things hanging off the basset hound’s butt are? Call ‘em balls? God’s little jingle bells? Something the fairies leave to short-haired dogs and horses, before we do the animals the favor of cutting the nasty things off?
You know, I think the people who should be outraged are guys. Come on, guys, show some scrotums and stick up for the beauty and utility of the male body.

One thought on “Lucky Balls

  1. Wow. You’d think using the medically correct term instead of nuts or balls or whatever would’ve helped her cause, not hurt it. I wonder what the context is? If it’s about, you know, getting out your finger paints and having some really graphically detailed down-home scrotum fun, maybe that’s not appropriate for the middle grade audience. But I have a hard time believing they’d award the Newbery to porn.Book banning is such an amusing little piece of evil. I hope to have a book banned one day. Nothing will shoot me up the bestseller list faster.As for kids being exposed to Bad Things, whatever. I was allowed to read whatever I wanted as soon as I could read. There wasn’t really much in the way of YA back then and I moved on to adult fic somewhere around the age of 13 or 14. And I turned out <>not<> to be a filthy whore! Imagine.


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