Books at mid-February

1. The Night Journal, Elizabeth Crook – uneven, but after a certain point I couldn’t put it down. Best parts were the great-grandmother’s journals from the early 1900s in New Mexico. The mystery and surprises were all predictable but rich. And the main character was a bit opaque, as was her love interest. They never quite became real, while the people in the past were blazing with life.
2. The Ice Queen, Alice Hoffman Liked it better than Practical Magic, but still I’m not bowled over by A.H.
3. Blood and Chocolate, Annette Curtis Klause
4. Practical Magic, Alice Hoffman
5. The End, Lemony Snickett

Still slogging away at the Golden Bough, somewhere around p. 200.
Reading the best book I’ve picked up in a long, long time right now. I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith. It’s wonderful in every way: the Jane Austen/Bronte Sisters tradition, yet laced with a mid-20th century Brit irony and wit. A survival story. It’s riveting. Has been reissued because JK Rowling praised it.
Forgot I had Looking for Alaska. That’s next.

One thought on “Books at mid-February

  1. I am requesting from the library some of the books you are reading/have read, as I find that I have been reading very little lately. Not sure how that happened, I’ve always read so much. Keep posting your recommendations, keep me reading, please!


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