Harry Potter and Alice Hoffman

Just saw that WE HAVE A DATE for the release of Deathly Hallows!! It’s much sooner than I’d expected 07/21/07. Wonder why she chose that? Harry’s birthday is 07/31. Just like my son, Gus, who has been all his life stopped by people on the street and informed that he looks just like Harry Potter. I can now start re-reading the whole series.

Am still reading Alice Hoffman’s The Ice Queen. I think she went at this novel the way a lot of novelists do, which to me is ass-backwards. She’s fascinated by lightning and she gathered a shitload of weird facts about the effects of lightning strikes on people who survive them. And then she assigned these effects to characters. The main character is very much like the MC in Practical Magic. I wonder if all her MC’s are the repressed no-longer-young woman in her 30s, who is stunted emotionally by tragedy. So, the characters don’t seem to live for me. Believe me, I am NOT analytical about the novels I read, as a rule. This tells me I am not being swept away by character and narrative.

One thought on “Harry Potter and Alice Hoffman

  1. I think it’s a weird date, too. It’s only a week after the next movie (of book 5) opens. Won’t hurt the book of course but it may hurt the movie – the repeat moviegoers will be reading instead.

    Hee. It would be funny to see a movie suffer because of a book, rather than vice-versa.


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