Rollin’, Rollin’

I’m picking up the pace a little. It’s really fun to have whole days before me. To write in the morning, afternoon, pick it up again at night. It’s fun to have words already done when I come back, it builds faster. It’s fun to just let Sissy take a long bath, let Ray have a ridiculous conversation with a mean old man. It’s nice because now I think I’ve gotten this one rearranged, which cost me a couple of days, but now it makes more sense. Of course, it’s a murder mystery as well as a relationship novel, so that requires more structure and I’m not sure I’m quite there yet with the detective work, but mostly. I know who did it and how but I’m not totally sure how my detective figures it out, though he already suspects. Anyway, that’s the least interesting part of the story. And the interesting part is such fun, kind of grim, but fun for me as a writer. Still probably can’t hit 50K but I’m doing much better than last year.

5 thoughts on “Rollin’, Rollin’

  1. Murder mystery??? A lot must have happened since the last draft.You can totally hit 50k.As for just letting the long baths happen, that’s one of the joys of Nano I think. Editing yourself is the last thing you want to do – just for the sake of your wordcount, you need to waste words, for the only time in any writing ever, on stuff you know you’ll have to cut later. And I find I learn so much from those “wasted” words. It’s nothing I’d want the reader to see, but it informs everything I do later.


  2. I mean, dur. Of course it’s a mystery story. For some reason I associated that with a dead body upon first reading. Sorry, I was up half the night and ‘m fuzzy today!My NaNo is done, but at a point where I’m satisified. I got what I wanted out of it and am much happier than I’d have been if I’d given up 10,000 words ago.


  3. Actually it’s the other one that’s a murder mystery, Meditations of an Animist, which is now a story starring Sissy and a guy she hires to clip the ivy off her grandmother’s house after she leaves Deke and gets out of rehab. And it’s real murder mystery because Ray thinks he’s killed somebody, which is why he’s living in a tree.


  4. Yeah, it did say Murder Mystery, which of course implies a dead body. Honestly someone must have put crack in my cornflakes that day. I need more sleep.Fucking Sissy. Figures she’s the one who put Ray in a tree. I hate her.


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