Up to nearly 4,000 words. Had a lovely situation last night. I had to take Gus over to the wilds of Northern Virginia to do his play reviewing. Was stuck over there for four hours. Found a Madeleine’s on King Street in Alexandria and nabbed the only table in the place that had a plug next to it. Was all excited when I logged in and found there was a free Alexandria wireless! hah. I could putz around on the Internet. NOT. Never got above 2 mbps (or whatever that unit of measurement is) and low signal so …. I had to write for four hours. Got a difficult section completely done.
And I’ve started an interesting new method of character analysis. For those of you who know a bit about astrology: Write their charts. it’s fascinating. I like astrology for this very reason. it’s a language more than anything; a vernacular of character and karma. For instance, my MC, Araminta, is a double Gemini with her sun in the 12 house and Pluto in her fourth house. My friend Susan, who is a pretty serious astrologer, said “a dark, half-unconscious, busy-minded girl….” And that’s a pretty damned good description of A.
I’m doing Buckley now. He’s a Leo with a Cancer moon in his fourth house, either opposing or conjunct Pluto, and Sag rising. Something affecting his venus as well.

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