Day One

OK, only 650 words on day one. Sneaking little spurts at work, looking over my shoulder to see if my boss was walking by. Had a planned drinkie-poo meeting with my friend Aimee from the Unitarian writers group that I am rejoining in December. But now, NOW, I can really launch. I am just bursting with it. I can feel it. Felt it today. it’s all right there and I’ve never felt quite this way about my writing. Just so looking forward to it. Not like having to exercise. Like really wanting to get home to work in the garden.
ONWARD! The name of a town in my WIP.

3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Well that is good that you’re so pumped about it. That’ll get you a lot of words over the weekend!For myself, as always I love the story, love coming up with the story, love the idea of the story being written down, hate writing it.


  2. I find that now I love all that, too, and even love writing it. What I hate is sitting down. It’s like the frigging seat has been electrified. And I love the idea of cleaning countertops only when I am trying to sit down to write.


  3. Oh, I love sitting down. I love making a cup of tea, and I love shutting the door, and I love announcing boldly “I’m working, don’t bug me unless it’s important.” And then I love sitting down, and I love the tingle in my fingers as they hover over the keyboard.And then, I love opening solitaire.


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