Preparing for Nano

Still doing the snowflake thing with my two WIPs. Still having fun with it but the farther I go with it the more I have to resist the urge to just start writing again, and see where I go. Nano is fabulous as a barrier to this urge for the novel, but I gave in on the romantic comedy screenplay and wrote a scene, but it felt weird. I wasn’t sure where it should go, what it meant. Yikes! Does this mean there’s no turning back? Once you start to plan and plot and structure, when can you start writing???

4 thoughts on “Preparing for Nano

  1. I’m a huge planner. I start the real writing when the outline is pretty much done, although it can never be really done. I do leave gaps. But when I feel like I have enough to go on really solidly, I start. Then after the first draft, I usually need a whole new outline.


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