Back from Memphis and Arkansas

Camp Reunion: A few chigger bites. A chance to get back in a canoe and immerse myself in the cold waters of the Spring River again. Immerse myself in the love and acceptance of “the friends of my childhood.” There is nothing quite like the company of women, especially ones as fierce and cool as the women I went to camp with in Hardy, Ark. Camp Miramichee started up in 1916 and closed in 1989. Some girls hated it. Others loved it. It’s the inspiration for my YA novel Peace I Ask of Thee, Oh River, with all its guts and glory. It was great to go back, even though we were actually staying at the restored Boy Scout Camp Kia Kima . It’s just like our camp, except now it’s not trashed like Miramichee by ig-nernt rednecks. Lovely.
More on Memphis later, but I just want to say: Keep it real, man.

One thought on “Back from Memphis and Arkansas

  1. I have resent an email to you about the review of your book at iUniverse Book Reviews. The original message was sent to you 9/3/06, and it did not bounce. I sent it to the address in your email, so I am not sure why you did not receive it.


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