OK, I’m coming out. As if anyone who’s ever been to this site is under any illusions, haha. I am totally obsessing now over the Lieberman-Lamont race. The Connecticut Secretary of State’s results site has crashed, just like Lieberman’s. The only way I can get results is off the New York Times, because Jeff is watching 16 Blocks, swearing there won’t be any results until at least 10. But there are!! With six percent in, Lamont’s leading that damned Bush-kissing Lieberman by 53-43. I’m jumping up and down in my heart.
I have despised Lieberman for years now. He is the most self-righteous prig imaginable and to be a hawk at a time like this is jaw-dropping, and to actually be contemplating an independent bid just shows how delusional and egotistical he is, along with the majority of other pols, I might add. And I can talk, as a former pol and pollster my own self. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, Rs. We’re out to retake our country.
Now it’s 9 percent in, and the 53 – 43 is holding
11 percent, 53-43 and holding

5 thoughts on “Connecticut

  1. Out of curiosity, what is your opinion that is being thrown all over the MSM that Lieberman losing this race will be used by Republicans? ie – CT has voted out a centralist, see how far left the democrats are from you, the average American? They make it sound like an entire national political strategy has been birthed overnight.–brio


  2. They’ll try to use it to paint the Dems everywhere as hijacked by extreme leftist America haters. But I don’t think it will work as well as they think it will because 60 percent of independents (the largest block of voters in CT and about a third of all voters everywhere) are in complete agreement with Lamont and the Dem’s that Bush and his neocons have led us into a dangerous and misquided war and we need to get the hell out with all deliberate speed–emphasis on deliberate, although “cut and run” has such a nice ring to it.


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