Train trip in three stages from Chamonix to Geneva. Boiling hot. Had to be into the 90s. Arrived and made our way to the Hotel Churchill through the mean streets of the Rive Gauche. This was a four-star hotel a block from the lake. Sounds nice? Not! I really do not know how they assign these stars. The big issue was it had no air conditioning.
Geneva seemed without redeeming features, neither comfort, nor cleanliness, nor grace, nor charm. It was hot, crowded, loud, dirty. All the things one doesn’t want Switzerland to be. Many unmuffled motorcycles.
We went for a boat trip around the lake and found a nice restaurant that was willing to feed insane Americans before sept heure (this was an ongoing issue that drove Gus at times into a rage), and had a wonderful meal, then went back to the nasty hotel and fell into a heat induced stupor that served as sleep.


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