Another zero day in glorious Champex. Sublime. We moved to the Hotel Splendide, which indeed lived up to its name. Just the kind of hotel Ginny and I would have loved on our Grand Tour. Shabby genteel, high ceilings, huge rooms, drop-dead views,
eccentric elderly Europeans. Marred only by the invariable group of Brit trekkers leaving as we checked in, with their mountain of duffles piled in the doorway so you could barely get past.

Took a chair lift up to the top of a mountain. I was terrified until some guys coming down shouted at us, “Sous la bar, sous la bar.” Once we lowered the bar (duh!), I loved it. You could look down on the lovely little jewel-like lake and the town and then up at the rocky peaks with bits of negative space (pale snow fields) around and above them.
Gus and Jeff paddled me around the lake like Cleopatra in her barge.

Watched the World Cup final and saw the infamous Zidane head butt.

2 thoughts on “DAY NINE: CHAMPEX-LAC

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