Two shall die …

So JKR says two will die that she hadn’t intended to kill off and one has gotten a reprieve. I subscribe to the alchemical theory that goes black (sirius) to white (albus dumbledore) and finally to red (rubeus hagrid). So Hagrid has always been down to bite it in V. VII. Maybe he gets a reprieve. Or it’s possible that any number of the red-headed Weasleys will die. I think that’s very possible. Mom saw them dead when she was trying to get rid of the boggart at Grimauld Place. In fact I predict a real bloodbath.
Oh, and while we’re at it, the last Horcrux is Harry’s scar. That’s my thinking.
I think a lot more things, but I’m not up to it right now. Just wanted to get this down officially.

7 thoughts on “Two shall die …

  1. I’ve been thinking since the last one that Harry is the horcrux (vs. his scar) – much like Nagini. Voldie may or may not realize that. So I think Harry needs to die in order for this to work. Maybe Ron or Hermione or Ginny will have to kill him.But now that she’s said this two for the price of one thing, maybe she’s found a way to have Ron and Hermione bite it sacrificially to save Harry. I hope not. I don’t want Harry to die (and I think honestly it’s very mean to kill him off given the number of children who are invested in him), but the thing where he gets saved by someone else’s sacrifice has been so done already.And you know I will blow a gasket if she saves Hagrid. Oh, and hey Jo, whatever else happens, let’s save Lupin, ‘kay?


  2. It’s only Harry I think that speculates Nagini is a horcrux. Harry’s always wrong. However, I’ll have to go back and check. I think somehow inadvertently Voldie intended to murder Harry but it went awry because of Lily and somehow he put part of his soul into Harry. I think focused in his scar. You think not. It’s not that wide a divergence.I think Harry will kill Voldemort and his scar will break open and nearly kill him but not quite.I think nearly everyone will die in the last cataclysmic struggle. Hagrid, Neville, a Weasley or two, Snape who reveals he was a triple agent on the side of good, who else? Peter Pettigrew? Protecting Harry? Other teachers? But I’m with you. Please not Lupin and Tonks.


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