More on product placement

Jane Smiley weighs in. I don’t think JS is nearly outraged enough. In both cases (not that these two authors have much credibility) the originals were significantly better. Gunmetal grey eyeliner is actually pretty good. And the Clinique one is like Vichy. It’s real. After all I’m constantly giving my favorite adult beverages plugs: Jack and Sapphire. I could auction off names in my next novel to liquor companies.

2 thoughts on “More on product placement

  1. From that article…<>Some years ago, Fay Weldon wrote a novel at the behest of Bulgari, the Italian jewelry company. It was the first product placement novel, to my knowledge.<>I dunno. Shakespeare’s <>Richard III<> is not a novel, but he was sure selling something on behalf of his sponsor. I’m not saying I’m eager to either read or write stuff like this. But I can’t work up any outrage for something that surprises me so little. I just don’t see it as a new thing. In fact, I’d say art created for the mass-market consumer is a relatively new thing. It’s got a long tradition of being commissioned by a single patron, and the little people can just benefit or not, as an ancillary thing. Sure, freedom is better. I’m happy to live at a time and place where there are enough book-buyers among the average citizen that most writers don’t have to bow to a patron’s agenda and can write what they want.


  2. I’m completely outraged. It’s actually not so bad for a novelist, because at least he/she makes her own decisions. I write for television, and what used to be fairly innocent “product placement” is now turning into “product integration” — and insidious commercial-as-plotline maneuver, decided on by the suits — and executed by the artists-or-whatever-you-need-to-call-us, who actually make the shows. I’m outraged.


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