Product Placement

Fairly nauseating development on product placement in YA lit reported here in the NY Times:

Especially because the article takes this novel seriously, calls it “lyrical” even, when it’s written by two guys who made their mark by doing marketing for Stephen Spielberg’s A.I. After Opal comes Cathy. What’s next from a publishing industry hijacked by multinational bean-counters? This is a lucrative new revenue stream! By golly! Write us a book with that stuff in it!

More here in today’s e-mailed PW.

3 thoughts on “Product Placement

  1. Isn’t there a long tradition of stories and melodramas written to advertise a product? I mean even before television. I could swear some magazines ran story-advertisements. I’m not saying it isn’t pathetic. I wouldn’t hold those up as “real” stories. But kids are used to commercials in their entertainment, and they’re a savvy bunch. I’m not too worried about them.Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do a Find (“water”) and Replace (“Diet Coke”).


  2. You remember Anne’s reaction when Diana submitted her story adding product placement? Did you read all the Anne of GG books? She was shocked, horrified and ashamed.


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